Side Project Marketing Is the New King

Side Project Marketing Is the New King

Whatever your budget and whatever the size of car you are looking for, we are sure we can help you find what’s right for you. We sell new and used cars from Pollos to Porchas. To fully appreciate the range of cars we have on offer please visit one of our showrooms.

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We are County Council Trading Standards Approved as part of the Buy With Confidence scheme and all of our vehicles are HPI checked. So you know that your car is genuinely available for sale, doesn’t have any outstanding finance on it and that we are a reputable dealer. We also verify the mileage on all of the cars that we are selling and ensure that they are all sold with long MOTs and road tax.

  • Beaulieu Motor Museum
  • Buckler’s Hard
  • Exbury Gardens
  • Hurst Castle
  • Local Farmer’s Markets
  • Longdown Activity Farm

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Welcome to our church. Whatever your faith or background our doors are open to you, both literally and virtually. Our beautiful church has services every day and is often open throughout the day for people to come and visit and sit in quiet reflection or to admire the stunning architecture of the building. You can also use our website to find out more about our work, what we have going on and details of people and organisations to contact if you need help or support with anything.

My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry.

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As well as in the church and on our website, you can also find us out and about in the community. We work in partnership with many schools, charities and community groups and also run a number of groups ourselves that we encourage others to get involved in.


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We have a wide range of facilities including those you would expect from an high quality camp site – electric hook ups, shower and toilet block and laundry room. We also have a recreation block which is home to a games room with pool table, TV room and 10m swimming pool. Situated next to the recreation block are two outdoor tennis courts.

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As well as fantastic onsite facilities we are perfectly located to reach the many beautiful towns of the New Forest which offer a number of shops and eateries, not to mention the stunning surrounding countryside, which is home to lots of species of animals, birds and plants.

If you’re interested in any of the work we do and want to find out more please visit our Contact Us page.


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  6. Luffy

    Actually staying over at a conference, instead of commuting back and forth, is the best way to immerse yourself in the event and get some time to recharge.

  7. Luffy

    I love the idea of also turning off notifications. I’ve done the same and until you turn them off, you do not realize how much of an interruption to your day those little alerts are!

    1. Luffy

      Where I am working we are thinking about the next version of our site and this is essentially the way we are going. Although I am starting to wonder if I need to have core css and javascript, and after page load we add in the rest of the style. Or if we need a mixed approach where we load css related to that page. But we have not had good experience with that but a change to full javascript front end may help.

      1. Luffy

        Correct. A gracefully degraded single-page application should be a single-page website. Or, by the same token, a progressively enhanced single-page website could be a single-page application. That’s the point.

        1. Luffy

          As there’s an upper limit to the amount of static content people can risk putting into that initial page load before it becomes too weighty, at a certain scale (what I would call actual app scale) it becomes a two-tier approach.

  8. Luffy

    My biggest question on this is scalability. SPA can scale specifically because they don’t include the entirety of the content in the page at once. While I agree that this approach has great benefit in some cases, I would be wary of trying to apply it in realms where large growth or great amounts of content are anticipated. Either that, or design a really great loading screen for users to play with while client downloads one super-massive page in the background.

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